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During our interesting experience of having authentic Japanese restaurant in the heart of Savusavu Fiji in right after the turn of the century, we encountered beautifully painted koko (cacao) pods. We fell in love with the nature of the fruits and indulged into the art of processing chocolate at our restaurant. Our homemade chocolate ice cream sold much more than our famouse sushi rolls which amazed us as well as many gourmet customers came from all over the world.

In 2007, we have decided to manufacture state of the arts dark chocolates using all the available resources found in Vanua Levu Fiji. It was hard steps toward meeting our demands. Although Fiji does not have the chocolate history or culture like Olmec, Aztec or Maya, we have very unique history of the cacao trees. I would call Vanua Levu as a Koko (cacao) Island.

1880, British brought many of the crops to Fiji from Sri Lanka(Ceylon) included trinitario cacao beans from Trinidad. Later, they planted original variety of cacao plants to Vanua Levu.

Cacao farmers in Fiji had increased their numbers. After the government monopolized distribution channel had collapsed followed by the market drop, all the farmers have shifted their crops to more profitable crops like dalo(taro), cassava(tapioca), and yagona(kava). Once abundant cacao trees have hidden in the untouched rain forests jungle and serving sweet crops to native birds, and wild animals.

In Vanua Levu, many old cacao farmers have passed away with memories of the good olden days. We do respect them and try to proof the world how beautiful the Fiji chocolate is.

Adi Chocolate Fiji have started to prune 50m high ivy covered old Cundeamor Trinitario cacao, black podded Amelonado Forastero cacao and tough huge Calabachillo Forastero cacao with fruits bat's scars. Gliricidia shading trees have grown to as big as 200 years old magic trees. Some were follen down by the hurricane Amy and grown vertically.

All we thought was to revitalize the soulfull Fijian cacao trees. After our effort of pruning, flowers started to bloom, and earlier this year (2008) we could see beautiful crops. Wit the help of mather nature, we revitalized our soulfull cacao trees and its time for us to process the finest dark chocolates.

Our chocolate processes are like composing an orchestra with mother nature. Most of the works are done by the nature. We are the composer guiding where to go and what to do. So we built our chocolate taste and aroma from bottom to top like a pyramid. In many layers. It's a geometric. The art closest to what we do is music. Chocolate aroma and taste always taps into deep well of memory and desire. It's a Seed of Happiness.


We can make many different cacao % but to start with, we offer 72% and 80% which we feel happy with.